We ship

The production is put on both the national market and the international market. The distribution channels used on the national market are those of retail and wholesale market , while for foreign supplies is favored direct sales or through agents .

The distribution is carried out according to European CE 178/2002 . We are able to track and trace the path of each product or substance or ingredient that is within the stages of production, processing and distribution, following the principle of traceability cascade of components along the fruit and vegetable industry .

The adoption of traceability systems has the following advantages :

  • Improved safety because it offers the opportunity to recall effective and efficient , it allows the identification and control of accidental effects in the long term and identifies subtractions and fraud ;
  • Improved quality , that identifies and corrects the causes of variations in the quality processes ;
  • Positive influence on the corporate brand image by adopting policies of transparency before the consumer ;
  • Optimization of logistics flows , with a reduction of inefficiencies in the supply chain ; it has a more precise inventory management thanks to a perfect visibility of flows and higher productivity with the use of new technologies.

We grow

Our products come from fertile lands with favorable climatic conditions for agriculture

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We collect

We only use advanced equipment and specialized farmers

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We control

The quality of our product is important . We select only the best leaves

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We shio

We guarantee safety and traceability of all our domestic and international shipments

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