We inspected

The technical staff of the Gardens Consortium Dec monitors compliance of the productions of the consortium regulations on plant protection products and traceability. Most producers are certified GlobalG.AP and, moreover, the company carries out microbiological analyzes and multiresidual on productions by laboratories accredited in accordance with the UNI CEI EN / ISO IEC 17025: 2005.

In particular, the product horticultural you must submit separate leaves, having the following features:

  • leaves intact, turgid, fresh in appearance and deep green;
  • must be free of leaves cut oxidized;
  • healthy leaves free from substances toxic to humans;
  • leaves clean and free of foreign matter;
  • the product must not contain excessive moisture or frost damage;
  • the leaves must have the flavor typical of the species and be free of extraneous odors and flavors;
  • the pesticides used must be only those permitted by the EC Reg. 396/2005, as amended and reported in the form of cultivation. These products must comply with the limits of 30% compared to the legal limit, while for the content of nitrates, lead and cadmium, please refer to the Reg. EC 1881/2006, as amended

The fresh agricultural product is given in boxes or containers for foods and stored in a cool, Toilet in the shortest possible time so as to prolong their life.

Based on the supply programs, to sample, are carried out in pre-harvest sampling is to be submitted to microbiological and pesticides in order to determine any residues on crops.

We grow

Our products come from fertile lands with favorable climatic conditions for agriculture

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We collect

We only use advanced equipment and specialized farmers

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We control

The quality of our product is important . We select only the best leaves

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We shio

We guarantee safety and traceability of all our domestic and international shipments

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